My name is Caroline, and I'm a ray of sunshine!

Caroline has enjoyed working for startups and seeing how different businesses get off the ground, and she has been able to contribute greatly to each of their continued success by establishing processes, organizing structures, and marketing in each company's unique way. Her experience working in athletics, marketing, graphic design, and customer service has aligned her perfectly to help all of these companies get their start and continue to thrive. 

Caroline is a passionate worker and loves working within a team. She tends to take on these three roles on any team she joins; the coordinator, the organizer, and the optimist. Her confidence and people skills make her a natural leader, her compassion allows her to delegate responsibly and effectively, and her optimism keeps the whole team moving forward. She loves being the glue that holds the group together and is great at keeping morale high and on task even in incredibly high-stress situations. 

One of Caroline's greatest early-career accomplishments was establishing Swimming World Publications social media sites and starting the Social Media internship program at Swimming World Publications. As a sports communications major herself, she realized her education could not prepare her for live reporting in today's social media realm. She is entirely self-taught when it comes to social media marketing, and at Swimming World she developed processes to teach up and coming sports journalist how to report on a sport in real-time and on social media effectively, efficiently, and accurately. She successfully taught over 30 college interns over the course of her time at Swimming World Publications the lessons she wished she had learned early on, and created lesson plans and processes for her internship program to remain active even after she left the company.

While working for Swimming World Publications and living in Charlotte, NC, Caroline connected with 2016 USA Olympic Head Coach David Marsh a couple of months before the Olympic Trials. Marsh was training 17 Olympic Hopefuls at the time and asked Caroline to help him organize a fundraiser to acquire the necessary funds to send his athletes to their respected Olympic Trail qualifier meets. They needed $150,000 for the athletes and Caroline came up with a 3-day swim camp where all 17 Olympic Hopefuls would assist in teaching a session or segment to the camp attendees. Caroline then planned, organized, recruited sponsors, and ran the event and raised all the funds in that single weekend. The camp was incredibly well received and every participant walked away from the camp a better swimmer with a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Her hard efforts got the attention of 3x Olympic Swimmer Kara Lynn Joyce, who then asked Caroline to come on board and help her start the LEAD Sports Summit. Together, they launched the summit series which teaches teen swimmers leadership skills, self-empowerment, and provides resources to be the best and strongest leaders each girl can be. Right now the series consists of live summits and conferences, but soon the company is taking their lessons online to allow more people to access these talks and skills from all over the world. Caroline has been instrumental in running the live events, making sure all the details are set up ahead of time, and gracefully problem-solving any unexpected situations that arose during the event. 

Through the LEAD Sports Summit, Caroline was introduced to Kara Lynn Joyce's agent Cejih Yung. Cejih was incredibly impressed with Caroline's organization and event planning capabilities, communication skills with professional athletes, and creative input that he asked Caroline to come on board with his sports agency, CG Sports Management, as his right-hand lady. She is now the Administrative Assistant and the Logistics Operator for the company. She attends events with the athletes, such as high-level competitions, appearances for sponsors and photoshoots, and assists in putting on events to help her athletes make more money and attract more sponsors. She also puts on clinics for the company and the athletes, which consists of booking facilities, organizing the event timelines, obliging by sponsor requests, and taking care of all the details behind planning an event. Caroline also arranges all travel and logistics between athletes and their sponsors once contracts are signed. 

Caroline has been fortunate enough that each of these past careers has allowed her to work remotely and live wherever she desired within the USA. In 2017, she moved back to her small hometown in the northwest corner of Connecticut to connect back to her roots and be closer to family. She was hired to work part-time at the Salisbury School running their social media and updating their website and blogs posts, but was quickly brought on full-time as their Digital Media Specialist once the school recognized her graphic design capabilities as well.


Caroline then left the Salisbury School after one year to assist in the opening of the first-ever brewery to open in the remote part of the state, Great Falls Brewing Company. Caroline established their social media and marketing processes, assisted in designing the taproom and hiring the staff, designing and updating the website and events pages, running in house events, designing and producing all graphics and print materials, and being the main point of contact at the brewery. Caroline was also the head bartender and loved being the face of the company. She thought it was instrumental in creating successful and effective marketing and social media campaigns working in the taproom and engaging face to face with the customers. Caroline can be described as the glue to the brewery, making sure everyone on staff stays connected and informed with one another and the investors, and holding everyone accountable and on a timeline for success. 

Caroline is currently looking for a new job in Fairfield County. She is looking at everything from marketing, administrative roles, event planning, graphic designer, communications, and customer service. She is excited about the opportunity to join a new team and help a company. If you have any interest in getting in touch with her, feel free to email her or give her a call.