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Why custom illustration is good for your business? 

  • Ads or art that is uniquely associated with your business and your business only

  • Convey the intended message

  • Attract potential clients and customers

  • Represent a complex idea

  • Represent your unique value proposition

A creative solution such as a custom illustration can work really well if you have a vision for your product that includes varying levels of abstraction. This could be a philosophical idea or you may be a tech company whose product or service is difficult to explain in a visual sense. Custom artwork can also set a tone, create an atmosphere and provide a direction for creativity. Not only can you expect these benefits but the uses for the artwork are numerous. Working with a professional illustrator gives you the opportunity to voice how you want to use the artwork. This ensures a high-quality format that will allow for use on your website, business card, and even signage.

Custom Illustration: $50 an hour

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